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Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope.  Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith.  Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone.  Therefore we are saved by love.

Rienhold Niebuhr, Frontispiece, in Ursula M. Niebuhr, ed., Justice and Mercy. New York: Harper and Row, 1974.

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In these pages you will find extracts from articles, discussions of issues, and other materials that contribute to further Jewish-Christian Relations.  This web site attempts to put forth yet one more voice against the forces which foster hatred and ignorance, by compiling extracts from articles, quotes, dialogues, and other information in a readable and accessible way for all.

Within these pages are issues and discussion to examine truth for the furtherance of education and promotion of dialogue between Judaism and Christianity, and more specifically, resources for Christianity towards the cessation of hate resulting from anti-Judaism.

Therefore, before we begin, let us remember the words of Rev. Martin Niemoeller

To start off - let us examine nine frequently asked questions about Jewish-Christian dialogue.
The nine questions are asked from a Christian perspective on Jewish-Christian Dialogue.
These questions have been compiled by the ICJSwith original questions found  here.

Question 1: Is there a special reason why Christians should be in dialogue with Jews?

Question 2:   Of what importance is it to us as Christians that Jesus was an observant Jew?

Question 3:  Do Christians and Jews mean the same thing when they talk about "the Scriptures"?

Question 4:  Does the New Testament say that God has rejected the Jews?

Question 5:  What can we learn from the history of Christian-Jewish relations about the consequences
                     of not engaging in dialogue with Jews?

Question 6:  Is God in the process of saving both Christians and Jews?

Question 7:  In light of this understanding of salvation, how might we Christians understand John
                     14:5 - 6?

Question 8:  Does dialogue with Jews threaten the integrity of Christian faith?

Question 9:  Should Christians evangelize Jews?

Articles on Jewish-Christian Relations

 Bearing Faithful Witness:  stresses import issues and reasons behind engaging in Jewish-Christian Dialog

 Risks in Religious Dialogue   focus on the issues surrounding dialog between differing faith communities

 Doing Christian Theology with Jews: key issues Christianity must consider in dialogue with Judaism

 Suffering Produces Hope: the element of Hope in Jewish-Christian Relations

 Feminist Theology and Jewish-Christian Dialogue: discusses issues within Feminist Theology concerning
 The covenant has never been revoked: Basis of the Christian-Jewish relationship - Covenant

 Legicide and the Problem of the Christian Old Testament: A New Hermeneutics for Christianity

 Blood Libel : A History of Groundless Anti-Semitic Fables

 Should Christians Convert Jews?: Outlines current issues, gives historical perspectives

 Jewish-Christian Relations Page - a most worthy web site - excellent resources and articles.

 ICJS - Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies - very good place for sources

 The Religious Tolerance Web Site - a great site to learn about different religious issues - great site for
                pluralism and other studies

 Virtual Jerusalem : "The Jewish World from the Heart of Israel"

 Kotelkam : A live view from the Western Wall - great site to visit - even write a prayer on-line

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