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This image is from a photo plate in 1868 from the Codex Vaticanus.  This original ending of Mark's Gosepl is from the early 3rd century.  Most likely, this piece was copied/printed in Egypt, perhaps Alexandria.
In 1448 the original Codex (consisting of over 500 pages of Greek Text) was taken to the Vatican Library shortly after its establishment by Pope Nicholas V.  The Codex was procured perhaps by Cardial Bessarion in the 1470's, who during his lifetime labored for the reunion of the Greek and Latin churches (a reunion still being worked on today).  This piece of Mark XVI. 3-8 was originally catalogued in the Vatican Library in 1475.

I found this image in a Greek New Testament from 1881, which was produced in light of all the then recent archeological finds of the day (such as Tischendorf's find of Codex Sinaiticus and his subsequent rescuing parchments from a trash can at the Monastery at Mt. Sinai, as the story goes).

Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort, The New Testament in the Original Greek (NewYork: Harper & Brothers, 1882).

Special Thanks to Mrs. Florence Chestnut for the use of this Bible, and all her support in my studies.