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Questions and Responses

            8. Does dialogue with Jews threaten the integrity of Christian faith?

                By no means, though problems of faith can and sometimes do arise. Differences between
            the two traditions run deep. For example, the Jewish insistence on the oneness of God
            sometimes challenges Christians to explore more fully the distinctively Christian Trinitarian
            teaching, namely, that God is one substance in three persons. This teaching, in all its truth about
            the complexity of God's unity, begins and ends in mystery. So does the Jewish understanding of
            God. Exploring the inexhaustible mystery of the one God is our common calling and our
            common destiny.

                As another example, our Christian claim that Jesus is God's Messiah will inevitably
            confront the several different understandings of "Messiah" held by Jews at various times in the
            past and even today. Christians in the dialogue have to come to grips with these differences
            and, more importantly, with the simple fact that people of deep faith and religious integrity
            embody them. That can be unsettling. It can also be inspiring to discover that people with such
            different faith understandings can and do love, honor, worship, and serve the same God, the
            only God there is.

                Both Christians and Jews in our era testify repeatedly that participation in ongoing dialogue
            strengthens their commitment to their own tradition even as it increases their appreciation of the
            other. More often than not mutual respect, mutual admiration, even mutual love result. Thank

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